Strategic Initiative VI


Develop and maintain clean, safe, physical facilities that creatively meet the needs of the community and staff with an emphasis on sustainability, accessibility and flexibility

Goal 1: Renovate or replace the downtown library with attention to the condition of the existing building; tax base; revenue stream; development of surrounding properties and demographics

  • In March 2012, a poll was conducted by EPIC-MRA to determine the public's attitude about the services and facilities provided by AADL and their willingness to fund a downtown facility project. The results of that poll are here.
  • The Library Board held 3 Community Forums in June 2012 to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the Downtown Library and gather feedback from the public.
  • The Library Board placed a bond proposal on the November 2012 ballot to borrow funds to pay all or part of the costs of constructing, furnishing and equipping a new main library building to be located at the current site of the downtown library building. The bond did not pass.
  • Provide a welcoming environment to those with disabilities.
    • AATA installed sound and light notification system for patrons using the A-Ride pickup service.
  • Provide various configurations of public space to increase small study group accommodation.
  • Improve accommodation of large audiences for popular Downtown programs so that we no longer have to split audiences.

Goal 2: Maximize the efficiency and utilization of meeting rooms and other facilities

  • Develop metrics in order to increase occupancy rates.
    • Conducted room use survey to determine how to increase meeting room occupancy.
  • Expand opportunities for structured meeting room use without the overhead of an AADL-hosted program, such as classes hosted by partners or social viewing of international television.
    • Provided space for Washtenaw Literacy to hold ESL conversation groups at the Traverwood Branch.
    • Provided ongoing space on a weekly basis for the WISD’s W-A-Y Washtenaw program.
  • Improve Downtown event attendee experiences by providing state-of-the-art venues and up-to-date furnishings.
    • Completed upgrade to Multi-Purpose Room sound system to better accommodate the range of programming at AADL.

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